The Future of Counseling

Put a therapist in your pocket, get help when you need it.

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No Scheduling

Stop letting scheduling conflicts keep you from sharing your thoughts and concerns with a qualified professional. After a brief survey, iCounseling will match you with a licensed counselor within 24 hours.

No Waiting

Once matched to a counselor, you’re free to send messages and receive help whenever you need it. This ensures that someone will be there to talk with you when problems occur, not just afterwards.

No Limits

Traditional counselors see multiple patients every day and can only afford to spend an hour or two for each session. iCounseling provides you with unlimited access to professional help that lasts as long as you need.


When contacting your counselor, choose the platform that best fits your lifestyle.


Use a secure, private chat room to share your thoughts whenever they occur.


Hold a real-time conversation via live chat.


Give your counselor a call through a private line, and rest assured that your number will remain confidential.


Share your thoughts with face-to-face counseling via video conference.

The Future of Counseling

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